Pratiksha Nagori, HR Manager at Sumo India talks about how candidates can improve their application for roles at its Pune and Bangalore studios.

“Working in HR in India for the last decade, and specifically in the gaming industry since 2017, I’ve met countless fantastic individuals with excellent applications. However, as start-up culture continues to grow in India and roles become more competitive, we’re looking for elite candidates to join our award-winning team and work on major AAA titles, such as Sackboy: A Big Adventure and the recently released Forza Horizon 5.”

Here are Pratiksha’s top 5 tips on improving your Sumo India job application:

1)     Don’t forget the importance of your resume

We receive countless applications every day and a staggering amount have put little to no effort into their resume. Think of it as your passport – it can grant you access to a new company, so be sure to take care of it and treat it with the utmost importance. Key things to list on your resume include your previous roles, responsibilities and achievements, as well as qualifications and training – these should be presented in a clear and professional manner.

2)     Learn the basics about game development

This tip is specifically for graduates who are looking to get their start in the industry. There are plenty of resources online which can explain and educate on the game development process and can help steer you into finding where your expertise and interests sit. You’ll discover whether you’re interested in: Programming, Design, Art or QA, and which role specifically within those departments might work for you. Research and learn some basic skills before applying for a role.

3)     Give 100% to the test

Here at Sumo India, as part of our recruitment process we ask all applicants to participate in a short test to determine their skills and suitability. This test is vital to us finding a match for a role and provides us some information on the candidate’s work ethic. Often, we find that candidates don’t take the test seriously which makes it difficult for us to understand their level and gives us the impression they aren’t serious about a role with us – so give it 100%! If you are struggling, then speak to your recruiter – we’d rather help you than receive nothing from you.

4)     Upgrade your skills

Gaming is a fun and very technology-driven industry, and a lot of hardware/software goes into the creation of game development and its launch. It’s important to be up to date and make sure you not only understand some of the tech behind games, but also keep up to date with technological advancements and stories in the news. The more you know and are able to discuss, the more likely we are to pursue your application.

5)     Make the best use of online resources

It’s really encouraging for us when we speak to candidates who are knowledgeable about Sumo India and our parent company, Sumo Digital. Make the best use of the internet and research Sumo before applying – we regularly post on our website and update our social media with our latest projects, company news and award wins.


If you’re looking to join Sumo India, all currently roles for Sumo Pune and Sumo Bangalore are online now.